R10 main monitor system

Welcome to the top level performance of compact main monitoring for modern studios. The R10 System combines a full-size main monitor in a small and customizable cabinet which allows to fit perfectly in most acoustical projects, maintaining a high-SPL capacity, a full-band response and unmatched reproduction accuracy.

The R10 main monitor system born to fill the gap between freestanding loudspeakers and big in-wall main system. In a very compact size, a dual 10” three-way system capable to reproduce frequency below 25 Hz (according to room capacity) is the system whom fit the most modern studio situation.


Cabinet type: three-way sealed, D’Appolito acoustic principle

Driver Size: woofer dual 10”, mid 6,5”, tweeter 3”

Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz @ -1dB (room compatible) - 90dB/2,83V sensitivity

Amplifier: AB class, fully-regulated DC supply. 200W rms @ R10 rated impendance

Amplifier Gain: 26dB Fixed, max input level +24dBu

Max SPL (full-range signal, non-wighted, half space): 120dB rms

Crossover point: 250Hz & 4.5kHz

Dispersion: 100° H x 40° V @ 1m 20-20’000Hz

Dimensions & Weight: customer specific, approx 45Kg each

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