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RASCH AUDIO is born with a dream in mind: to create the most accurate and good sounding loudspeaker system that can be appreciated among the most talented and demanding pro audio engineer.
In the heritage of italian designer and manufacturer, the project development went through several year of experiment, blind test and fails, RASCH AUDIO until the release of the first production batch in 2016.

The idea behind RASCH AUDIO product is to propose a new way to monitor sound the in studio environment.
A careful blend of contemporary materials and artisanal handcrafting techniques are the secret for the distinguishable RASCH AUDIO sound: pristine clear hi end, smooth detailed yet good sounding mid range, fast, solid and accurate bass. the perfect reproduction of sound stage, dynamics, frequency response mixed with a pleasing and un-fatiguing listening experience made RASCH AUDIO the perfect choice for hours-long recording and mixing sessions. This is the reason why so many pro audio engineer in Italy and abroad are using RASCH AUDIO as reference monitors for their work.
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