R03-d active system

Newborn in Rasch Audio monitor solutions, R03-D combines both top performance monitoring system with an integrated top performance class-D power amplifier. The monitors comes with all the feature of the passive system, plus the versatility of integrated amplification: in one cabinet there is room for all controls and power amplifier to create a master-slave configuration, easily positionable. That is unchanged is the passive crossover and phase coherence, also transient response: the real features or R03.
R03-D can work from 100 to 240 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz, without changing performance level. A real plus for most portable situations: mobile studios, production truck, traveling professionals.

User can choice from 5 different positions of mid frequency response: this is possible only because this control works on the mid woofer current, not an eq, but a linear control. From loudness position (-2dB) to presence position (+2dB) continuously variable in 5 step (0 linear set), you can adapt various things: personal preference, environment position, focus on peculiar frequencies…


Tech Specs

Cabinet type: three-way sealed

Driver Size: woofer 8”, mid 4”, tweeter 1”

Frequency response: 35Hz to 20kHz @ -3dB

Amplifier: class-D, digitally controlled amplifier (thermal, output, controls). PFC @ 25% output 0.95

Amplifier Gain: 26dB Fixed, max input level +20dBu

Max SPL (full-range signal, non-wighted, half space): 104dB rms, 116dB peak

Crossover point: 110Hz & 8kHz

Dispersion: 100° H x 40° V @ 1m 20-20’000Hz

Dimensions & Weight: W280mm x H400mm x D380mm, 21kg Master, 18kg Slave

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